Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Time for tee

One of the best things about writing for a living is that you get to meet so many great people, at signings, book festivals, workshops and the like.

This month I've been invited to take part in a pro-celebrity golf tournament in my home town of Jedburgh, at the fantastic 18-hole course on the Dunion hill. The fact that I haven't picked up a golf club for about three years hopefully won't spoil my enjoyment of the day.

Gavin Hastings at the Dunhill Cup. Do I want him on my side laughing at my
swing or on the other side shooting eagles? Photo: The Scotsman
Judging by the competition, I suspect I'll be out of the prizes, unless it's the booby prize. The rest of the invited guests are just about all proper celebrities, with half a dozen former Scotland rugby players and footballers among them. And you just know that they'll be low handicap golfers, as opposed to hackers like me.

So on the 24th June, I'll be teeing off beside Messrs Gavin Hastings, John Rutherford, Keith Robertson, Finlay Calder, Peter Dods, Jim Leishman, Pat Nevin and Andy Lawrie. Radio presenter and rugby coach Gary Parker, who I know from my days in Melrose will be there, along with local politicians and musicians.

Should be a great day.


Bob Scotney said...

It's a shame I'll be in the USA or I would have come to follow you round.

Doug said...

If you like golf, Bob, that would be a big mistake!

Anonymous said...

Hit one, or something for me Doug

Doug said...

Cheers, Paul, loved the adder pic by the way. When I worked restoring the legionary camp at Pennymuir in the Cheviots in the 70s they were all over the place, so I suspect the Romans would have been pretty familiar with them as well

Ann said...

How exciting!
Nice to meet you Doug and thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I look forward to reading all about your book publishing.

Doug said...

And thanks for following, too Ann. There's a lot of stuff that might interest you about my first books at the start of this blog. I have two novels out on August 18, Defender of Rome and The Doomsday Testament, so lots to look forward to, although I always think of it as putting your baby up in a coconut shy!