Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A very special agent

I had an interesting afternoon with Stan, my agent, yesterday at the Cafe Royal in Edinburgh. Your agent's job isn't just about selling your book ideas for vast amounts of money (in your dreams), but also to encourage, boost your confidence and inspire you to greater efforts.

Stan does all these things really well.

Last time it was about the US and film deals that were just around the corner. They're still around the corner, but the anticipation has kept me going for months.

Yesterday, they were filming some TV drama outside the pub. which seemed like a good omen. We talked about where I should be going next with my historical novels and he liked all the ideas I've come up with. I should have completed the first draughts of my next two books by the turn of the year  and I need to have something new to begin by around then. A lot depends on where the current trilogy is, which makes the paperback of Hero of Rome and the Defender of Rome hardback pretty crucial to my future.

He was also very complimentary about The Doomsday Testament (he's the only person outside the publisher who's read it). He thinks it's a great package that could really take off, which is what any writer likes to hear (see encouragement above). By coincidence, I'm reading the book proof of Doomsday at the moment and I think it feels like a cross between The Odessa File and The Da Vinci Code, which is a happy thought and one I'll nourish until it comes out on August 18!


Anonymous said...

Who paid for the tea Doug?

Doug said...

I fear there was no tea, Paul, but my head told me this morning that there was way too much wine! Stan got the ball rolling and I chipped in when I was allowed. We had a nice chat about Corbridge, which is close to where his wife comes from

Anonymous said...

If your ever over York way, or planning a trip to the Wall, drop me a line and we can maybe hook up for a pint.

Alan Hutcheson said...

How fortunate you are to have someone like Stan in your corner. And how fortunate Stan is to have an amazingly talented and hardworking author whose work he is privileged to represent.

Thomas Quinn said...

Hi Doug, like the blog. I take it Doomsday is your own novel: but why is it under a different name? what's the thinking there? It looks good, would love to see a copy - for review on my blog and the Big Issue


Doug said...

Cheers Alan, for your very kind words, which are really appreciated.

Thomas, the publishers have built up my profile as a historical novelist over five books and I think they don't want to do anything to affect that. I'd have been happy, but they're very wary of writing across different genres.
So I'll stay Douglas Jackson for the historical novels and write thrillers as James Douglas. Send me an e-mail at with the address and I'll get the publicists to send you one

Thomas Quinn said...
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