Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A new addition to the family

And then there were six ...

First copies of my new Valerius adventure Sword of Rome arrived today and I think it looks fantastic.

'The story I now commence is rich in vicissitudes, grim with warfare, torn by civil strife, a tale of horror even during times of peace.' Tacitus, The Histories

The year is AD 68. Emperor Nero's erratic and bloody reign is in its death throes when Gaius Valerius Verrens is dispatched to Rome on a mission that will bring it to a close. With Nero dead, the city holds its breath and awaits the arrival his successor, Servius Sulpicius Galba, governor of Hispania. The Empire prays for peace, but it prays in vain. Galba promises stability and prosperity, but his rule begins with a massacre and ends only months later in chaos and carnage. This will become known as the Year of the Four Emperors, a time of civil war which will tear Rome apart and test Valerius's skills and loyalties to their very limit. Fortunate to survive Galba's fall, Valerius is sent on a mission by Rome's new Emperor, Otho, to his old friend Vitellius, commander of the armies of the north. Vitellius's legions are on the march, and only Valerius can persuade him to halt them before the inevitable confrontation. In an epic adventure that will take him the length and breadth of a divided land, the one-armed Roman fights to stay alive and stave off a bloodbath as he is stalked by the most implacable enemy he has ever faced.


applegarth said...

Just 15 days to wait before i get my hands on it,hope you signed and have them back at Goldsboro by the 15th,can not wait.

Best Jim

Doug said...

Goldsboro want me to do the signing at History in the Court, Jim. Hope you can wait! Regards Doug

applegarth said...

I have just order a copy from Amazon,you can never have to much of a good thing,and i am not very good at waiting,look forward to seeing you at History in the Court and having two gems to pick up.

Best Jim

Gabriele C. said...


And I got five of them; eagerly waiting for no 6.