Friday, 3 August 2012

I do love a good book launch

Had a fantastic time last night at the launch of The Isis Covenant when about fifty people turned up at Waterstones in Stirling to help me celebrate the birth of my latest James Douglas book.

Lots of old friends turned up who'd been at all my launches and several new ones who were there for the first time.

We had a few drinks, I gave a short speech - with a special thanks to my wonderful editor Simon Thorogood who's moving on to greater things - and did a reading, signed until my wrist hurt and then it was back to Chez Jackson for a few hours of drinks, nibbles and good conversation. I say nibbles, but my good friend Mr D. Fisher took over the kitchen and produced an array of cordon bleu canapes that would have graced any table at Gleneagles or the Ritz.

Yet another book launched on a wave of goodwill that will hopefully send it into the stratosphere.

The author at rest

None of it would be possible without the support of the lovely Mrs J

My son Gregor and girlfriend Siobhan

The speech

I signed around 50 books

Another satisfied customer, my friend Allison

My daughter Nikki does love a good book launch
Fingers crossed!


Kate said...

Congratulations on the launch! Love to see the photos - thanks for sharing them :) GREAT book by the way...

Guy Saville said...

Great to hear the book launch went so well, Doug.

Hope THE ISIS COVENANT (a v.Ludlum title) sells in vast numbers!

Best wishes & congrats


PS - have you grown a beard? Or is this part of the James Douglas disguise/persona?

Doug said...

Cheers Guy, when I did the launch for Doomsday and Defender of Rome last year I switched personas by putting on the dodgiest false beard the world has ever witnessed. When we came back from holiday I nearly had one, so I decided to leave it on for the Isis launch. I will shave it off for Avenger on Tuesday, because my mum will be there and she hates it!! Hope Madagaskar is going well. I'm in that little scary limbo between books at the moment, but the planning for the next one is going well, all the best, Doug

Guy Saville said...

I remember the false beard from last year now!

Guess AVENGER launch is happening as I type this - hope it's another roaring success.

All is well in Madagaskar, thanks. or as well as can be expected...