Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Isis Covenant unveiled

I just thought I'd give you a flavour of my new book The Isis Covenant (published as James Douglas) which is out In August.

'The Crown of Isis, once part of the treasure of Queen Dido of Carthage, was reputed to grant its wearer immortality. In AD64 it was stolen from the Temple of Isis. It was believed lost forever. Until now. Art recovery expert Jamie Saintclair receives an unexpected phone call from Brooklyn detective Danny Fisher. Two families have been brutally murdered, one in New York, the other in London. The only link is a shared name, that of a German art thief who disappeared at the end of the war. Jamie’s investigation will take them into the dark past of Nazi Germany, to a hidden world of the occult – where a carefully guarded secret reveals a legacy of bloodshed. As Jamie and Danny will discover, for the promise of eternal life there are those who would kill, and kill again.'

The book cuts between a ruthless expedition in Roman Africa, the last hours around Hitler's bunker during the fall of Berlin in 1945, and a desperate contemporary life or death race against time to discover the truth behind a terrible secret.


Anonymous said...

Just got this book. Second in the series. First book was great. Can't wait for the journey ahead of me. Thanks for these amazing books. Please do a third.

Anonymous said...

Stunning read - wonderfully crafted and interwoven with superbly researched historical events. Read in two sessions - the plot moves at break neck speed and moves effortlessly and seamlessly between the key scenes. Bravo!

Doug said...

Thanks for that. It's great to know when someone has enjoyed reading your books. I've just completed The Excalibur Codex, a fair way to go yet, but I'm very pleased with it. All the best, Doug