Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Doomsday is coming

It's just over a month until the launch of The Doomsday Testament, the debut thriller by my alter ego and international man of mystery James Douglas. I’m really proud of it and I hope you’ll love it too, but now I'm stuck with the debut novelist's Catch-22: How do I get people to read my brilliant new book if nobody knows about it? 

My publisher will be pushing it, trying to get it into the supermarkets and WH Smith (which is more difficult than you might think) and it's 50 per cent off at Amazon, but people can only buy The Doomsday Testament if they have heard about it. And it is here that I’d like to ask for your help.

Can we use the exponential power of the internet to make sure that even if they don't read The Doomsday Testament, at least they'll have heard about it?

Over the next month I'll be putting out intriguing teasers about The Doomsday Testament and all I ask is that wherever possible you retweet or share them, and ask all your friends to do the same. I have about 500 friends on my Facebook pages and 300 on Twitter, so even if half of them retweet and half of their friends retweet, etc. etc. You do the maths, but by my calculation everybody on the planet who owns a computer will know about The Doomsday Testament by a week on Wednesday.

So there you are, not only do you get the chance to help a struggling debut author become the next big thing, but you'll have the privilege of taking part in a unique social experiment (well it's unique to me).

Thanks to everyone who's already into the spirit of things by sharing my blatant plugs, and thanks in advance to everyone who takes part.

Your first job is to share this or retweet it to as many people as you can bully, bribe, cajole and anything else of a non-violent nature.

To infinity and beyond ...

The Doomsday Testament: 'Imagine The Odessa File meets the Da Vinci Code and you won't be far away' - Douglas Jackson (OK, he has a certain investment in the project, but he's one of only three people who’ve read it, if you count my editor and agent,and anyway it's true)

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