Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Taking the plunge

My first week and a bit as a full time author has been a real eye opener. I'm hitting my targets as writer but I seem to be working harder than ever. The age old problems of working at home are a definite factor. I start early but there always seems to be someone pushing for your time. I've had meetings with pension and insurance people, my accountant and my bank manager. The roof fell in last Thursday and I've had to see people about that. People need lifts and I'm too nice to refuse. Next Thursday I'm presenting a signed copy to an elephant (Blair Drummond Safari Park, actually).

I realise now I could never have hit my publisher's September deadline unless I gave up the Scotsman and maybe that was subconsciously part of the decision-making progress.

On the plus side, I'm free to do what I like when I like which is truly liberating, even if your work ethic won't let you take advantage.

(I wrote this a week ago but for some reason it didn't publish)

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