Sunday, 31 May 2009

Countdown to Claudius

Well, it happened. I have a new book deal. Transworld have asked me to write three more historical novels.

It's fantastic that someone - a hard-nosed publishing company at that - has confidence in my ability to build on the success of Caligula and hopefully Claudius and carve out a writing career.
The books will follow a new hero through three successive periods of upheaval in Roman history and will take me to some of the wildest outposts of the Empire.

I'll be sorry to say goodbye to Rufus; I'd always intended that his story would be a trilogy but it became clear to me that what had worked as the last third of The Emperor's Elephant was stretching credibility as a standalone book. If there's an appetite for it, I may put the original version on my website so that people can read how his and Bersheba's story ended. That won't be for a while though. First I need to complete the opening draft of book 1 by September, which means four months of hard graft. Starting now ...


Lexi said...

A huge achievement in these difficult economic times. You must be thrilled.

Congratulations, Doug!

Lizziee said...

Nikki and Alison told me last week. Am "over the moon for you", Doug. It's great news. Then Nikki took away the copy of Caligula back to Leon with her ... grrr! I hope Rufus can come back at some time.