Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Countdown to Claudius

This was going to be one of those snatched blogs just to keep things going i.e. not much happening, still waiting for this that and the other. Instead, it's a snatched blog (I'm late for the train) about another momentous step forward.
I've literally just received the front cover design for Claudius and it looks fantastic. It's even more powerful than Caligula. The theme is similar, but the dominant colour this time is red and the main figure is an incredible image of a Roman legionary.
Simon sent me the words for the back cover a few days ago and along with the artwork they make a superbly strong package that just might move things to a new level.
Still working away on book three of the Rufus series. Early days, but the elements are beginning to come together.


Lexi said...

When will you be able to post it?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy your blog, Doug. It's honest and refreshing.
Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Caligula Doug and i really enjoyed it, that woman from Copenhagen is surely getting mixed up with fact and fiction, I thought the whole reason people wrote fiction was so they could change things around a bit to tell a good story and factual novels are factual!!! Anyway looking forward to reading Claudius now i'm back onto reading again, hopefully this time i'll get a signed copy!!
Shirley x
Hugs to the rest of the family, hope to see you all soon.